bar più spettacolari

Red is the color of my soul. I’m a determined, hard-fighting, strong and passionate woman. Chanel n°5 is the perfume that I love because jasmine, rose and white musk all blend in a sensual bouquet for an everlasting style. Jazz ismy music because the beauty of life is improvisation.

Indigo represents spirituality and inner awakening of this bars.

most spectacular bars

This post has the scent of the foam of the sea at dawn that fights on the sand.

You can ear Depeche Mode music from each bar…

spiagge california

I love blue because of the sense of freedom that transmits. A clearsky, an ocean, a lake in the mountains. Blue things carry freedom within. I love the fragrance of white musk because it has a wild scent, likethe woods in whichonly the brave can get in. Einaudi and his notes always take me far away, where no one can find me.

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