5 vital communication skills necessary to be successful

The perfect background to motivate at work and in life as in the famous movie. Communicate successfully and you will arrive at your destination!



Do you smell the scent of energy and energy? This article smells of freshly laundered clothes, worn in the morning with the desire to grow and get involved.

communication skills

Black, a color of challenge, class, elegance and energy. It is the most powerful and overwhelming color and non-color that evokes strong emotions. At the same time it can be considered the set of all colors, as well as in communication, it is necessary to stand out and combine the different skills to succeed.

communication skills

communication skills

It doesn’t matter if you are the newest arrival or the top employee in your company, little changes: communication skills are essential. We live in a world dominated by messages. We communicate with chats, e-mail, mobile phones. We participate in videoconferences, and yet, face-to-face communication remains fundamental and can even decisively influence an individual’s career. And this is why one needs to know how to communicate very well.

Communication is not only a simple exchange of information. It transmits emotions, connects people and creates empathy.

communication skills


Success in the world of work, aside from a good dose of ambition, requires 5 communication skills:


When a person speaks, we must pay attention and consider their words. Concentration and listening are essential; empathy needs to be shown in regards to the speaker. The secret is in seeking to see the things from the other’s point of view, withholding judgment, showing one’s own vulnerability, giving encouragement, offering help, and showing compassion and kindness. Try to treat the person like you would like to be treated in the same situation.

Active listening

Active listening means paying attention to every single innuendo of the conversation, including body language. It is necessary to listen to whoever is in front of you as if they were the most important person in the world in that moment, showing yourself completely immersed in what they are saying.

Ask questions

A good communicator is not the one with all of the answers, but the one that makes the right questions. One needs to be enthusiastic and actively engaged in widening the understanding of the theme in question while encouraging the counterpart to share their opinions, stimulate discussion and create new ideas. Besides this, it helps to not be easily forgotten. How to do it? The trick is to think of questions that bring interesting responses.

Positive body language

No folded arms or legs. Show an opening to the other and always seek to look into the eyes of your interlocutor. 97% of communication uses non verbal language. It is of vital importance, therefore, to have mastery over one’s own body and its use: the smile, the glances, the handshake. Each can communicate much more than a fountain of words. Try to keep your own body relaxed and in a posture that shows security.

Open your mind

Einstein was right: “The mind is like a parachute. It only works while open”. In a working context, it is not only important to be capable of connecting with colleagues, but also to understand the culture and organization of the new position. Be open to new things and new approaches!


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